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The Immaculate Misconception

   What does it mean to be ‘selfless’? Is charity a selfless deed? All of those humanitarians who gave and gave, requesting nothing in return – if they received a sense of satisfaction from their donations, this alone destroys the commencement … Continue reading

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Research Paper: On Psychopathy

It is vital to differentiate in between psychology and philosophy. Regrettably, much of the diagnosis for psychopathy is outward. For example, the deceptiveness and illicit conduct are products of a root: a biological materialization that presents itself in the brain, … Continue reading

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Poetic Insomnia

  Drink in the poison of sanguine absolution, with silent protests and palpitating fingers. Weary limbs hold her down like the hands of a stranger, but her mind is more awake than ever before.    The sun has been locked … Continue reading

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My Ballerina

Arrested by grace; a shudder of pain and pulchritude as she treads upon broken glass, head held high. Delicate limbs amplify the fragility in contrast to the strength of her pounding legs. With her palms outstretched, she offers a body … Continue reading

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Success is Imminent

   His jaw line was sharp and hardened with maturity over the years of his intellectual growth. It was miraculous to witness the visible evolution in aesthetics subsequent to a change in philosophy. His corrected posture, posed and confident, made … Continue reading

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A million stones against his skin. A million times he chose to win. The battles, hardships self-imposed. Reactions to his moral code. Drowning in a sea of gray, convictions broken – romance fades. Pragmacy and practical, replace the ideological. What’s … Continue reading

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The Pressing Storm

I listened to the thunder, and I saw the lighting flash. I look on with wonder as the clouds and planet clash. The battle of Arcadia meets our very own Earth. In a fleeting flash, they connect: the sky and … Continue reading

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The Real Monster

   He has berated our dreams and He has robbed us of our identities. He has taken away our words and stolen the possibility of protest by support of the victims who believed themselves free. He advised us not to … Continue reading

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