This is an example of a WordPress page – more importantly, my WordPress page. Mine. One word. An idea. The mere knowledge that something can be possessed so entirely.

Yes. This is my WordPress page. As soon as you understand this, we may begin.

6 Responses to About

  1. joe says:

    sup summer we should hang out sometime you need to hang out with more friends instead of postin on face book so much maybe we could go to a party sometime?????either way try to be more social and smile more the world is a good place so smile

    • Ray Schuur says:

      HA! This post just made my day. You don’t know me either, but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your research paper on psychopaths, especially the information in the third last paragraph on psychopaths possessing a higher level of dopamine release (translated into enjoyment). I’m quite interested in how psychopathic personalities differ in how they experiences such emotions in a wider psychological context, if there is any difference. Looking forward to reading more psychology/cognitive-science related writings from you.

    • @Joe
      1) I have no idea who you are, so we are not friends.
      2) I have no interest in being social for the sake of it.
      3) I go out plenty when I want to.

  2. TheRedOne says:

    Or you could stay on Facebook with me.

  3. Jonathan Awesome says:

    There has been only one other author who’s work can make me tremble, can actually move me. I will let you guess which one.

  4. Ming *from NJ* says:

    You are who you are..Unique and different which makes you definitely an interesting person to know

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