The Real Monster

   He has berated our dreams and He has robbed us of our identities. He has taken away our words and stolen the possibility of protest by support of the victims who believed themselves free. He advised us not to hate, and He declared that our purpose is to submit. Because this was consistent with our general indoctrination on human impotence, we trusted Him.
   It was easy to be His pal, for He was not selective. He forgave us everything, and He told us to mourn the perpetrators who encountered misfortune. It was demanded that we give to those who could not earn, because it was not their fault that they were stupid, weak, broken.
    To be sufficient was evil. To be in want of money was grand. To need charity made you an instrument in God’s blueprints. We sought enchantment through your hardships. The selfish were scorned, but we were reminded not to judge the guilty, for they were to be lamented.
   He took our hands and He bit our wrists and He drained us dry. The shadow always wore a smile. He wanted to help the world. An ideal, pretty on paper. Fools. Imbeciles. Monster – the real monster.
    He instructed us not to “lean upon thy own understanding.” It is a Bible verse, and so it had to be right. And then we knew in our heads, not our hearts, that something was off. We hid from confrontation, for indeed, it is the nature of our standard.
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2 Responses to The Real Monster

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  2. Brian Faulkner says:

    Right on the mark! It deals with ancient wrongs so beautifully and uniquely (especially making Him a vampire, which, spiritually, He is) that one is really made to think! Your absolute sureness is wonderful.

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